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Porsche Monterey

A little spring training before the athletics begin.

For Porsche drivers, the pull of spring is irresistible. Respond accordingly, with the Porsche Spring Check. Our Certified Porsche Technicians will inspect all safety-related and vital parts of your vehicle, readying its reflexes, looks, and performance to make your every spring drive a gratifying one. Spring satisfaction includes Peace of Mind. Which is why a comprehensive wheel/tire inspection is included in the Spring Check.

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The Spring Check features:

  • Visual inspection of the engine, body, chassis, brakes, tires and underbody.
  • Inspection of exterior and interior fittings, windscreen wipers and lighting systems.

Additional cost services:

  • As an option, we'll measure your wheel alignment and check and adjust your suspension settings.
  • Paint treatment, salt removal and check of all fluid levels.
  • Upon request, we'll check and fit dedicated summer tires.


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Porsche Summer Wheel Tire Sets

Summer is when the rubber meets the road. And who knows better than Porsche which wheels and tires you need for your summer drives.

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Decorative Sleeves / Valve Stem Caps.

These silver-colored sleeves with embossed Porsche Crest look "Pure Porsche", and really set your vehicle apart. Set of four.

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Need to find the perfect Tequipment to make your Porsche more personal? Click below to find just what you're looking for from among hundreds of personalizing choices.

Porsche Tequipment