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Porsche 911 992: Hints of what's to come from brand boss Achleitner

Despite the rumors, the 911 isn't going electric (yet)

Porsche 911 version 992 is on its way for 2019. It’ll be an evolutionary change, as (almost) all 911 changes are, but at least we’re getting back to integers. The current 911 is codenamed 991.2. The new car was shown in disguise recently, with Porsche letting out a few details.

911 model director August Achleitner, speaking about autonomous features, said, “Even when it comes to the individual assistance systems, they have to fit with the 911. A 911 will always have a steering wheel.”

I suppose that’s literally the least we can ask for.

And if autonomously driving cars break through more quickly than expected? “Then the 911 will be one of the last cars to drive autonomously.”

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Date Posted: March 21, 2018