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Porsche Monterey Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Eugene | CA | 2018-04-27

Done on time and as promised with loaner car provided. Can't ask for anything more.

Doug Burke | CA | 2018-04-17

John Bassett-Informative, low pressure, easy going and yet very prompt in getting back to you when asked. I would recommend using John if you're interested in a Porsche. 

Brian Bennett, MD | CA | 2018-04-12

We'll be customers for life. Kudos to John Bassett! 

Brian Wollard | California | 2018-03-14

Stunning service and friendly people. Easily the most pleasant car buying experience I've yet had.

Charles Hong | Louisiana | 2018-02-28

Excellent sales staff - Jun was absolutely helpful and the management also made the purchase a breeze. Strongly suggest purchasing your next Porsche with them.

JILL T | California | 2018-02-25

Searching for vehicles made easy by Jun and the Porsche Monterey team. In speaking with them, they Alesha’s maintained good professionalism and pride in what they do. It helps that they all truly understand the value of owning Porsche automobiles!

Dealer Rater Review | CA | 2018-02-21

John and Gary were excellent. Had everything ready once I arrived from the Bay Area. Had my 2018 Panamera detailed and ready to go. It only took 1h15m from arrival to departure. Friendly people. I recommend them to anyone.

Laurie Hunkel | California | 2018-02-19

Traded in 2014 Cayenne for new 2018 Cayenne GTS. Excellent service all around. Jun Quinto was professional and knowledgable about the car. Staff was forced to move every car in the showroom to get my new car out and did it with good humor and driving skills. Couldn't be happier with my experience!

Paul Tordella | CA | 2018-02-08

Great experience

Good Customer | CA | 2018-01-20

From sales to service Porsche of Monterey always does an excellent job. They are very helpful and go out of their ways for their clients.

Above Average | CA | 2018-01-06

Even if you have a local dealer and especially if your local dealer has a mediocre reputation, you should call Kelly Valenti just in case and before you buy.
In general, buying a car is still one of the most uncomfortable experiences you will ever have. It is an opaque market with hidden fees, inexplicable costs and expenses like dealer prep fees all wrapped in a world of fake news and click advertising. Who knows if true price is really true? And to make it more complicated, you can buy a car site unseen online from a thousand miles away the way I did.
I was lucky enough to work with Kelly Valenti who was not only very flexible and fair on the pricing, but also did a fantastic job of getting things done when she said they would be done. She navigated multi-state paperwork issues, earning 6 stars for getting me the title from a 3rd state in 48 hours when others feared it could take weeks! I know good sales & service and she will be a fantastic assistant buyer for you

Spyglasswoods | CA | 2018-01-03

Appreciate that when the appointment is for 8am they are ready for me at 8am. Follow up phone calls are timely and the car ready when promised. High end dealership, and commensurate service.

Outstanding Service | CA | 2017-12-01

My Porsche Macan had a message on the dash that said there was an engine problem but that driving was permitted. I took it in. The dealer arranged very quickly obtain needed minor repair parts and set a time for repair. When I took the car in he also stated that a recall of a seat would be completed at the same time. They completed the repairs and the car was done and washed on schedule. The personnel were all especially professional and friendly... and there was no cost.

Yelp Reviewer | CA | 2017-12-12

Okay, as Yelp-er, I pride myself in integrity and honesty when it comes to reviews. Here we go: My husband and I took a Friday afternoon to drive down to Monterey (which is beautiful, so no complaining there), but it's about and hour/ hour & a half drive, and we were going to check out two used BMW's for our son. We have never bought a used car before, so this was unfamiliar territory, which is always a little unnerving. However, we're big believers in going with your gut feeling. When I called the night before, I was connected to a lovely sales consultant, Kelly. You could tell through her voice and mannerisms she was honest, upfront, and not-pushy at all. She was knowledgeable and even chatted with our teenage son and answered his car-guru questions. When my hubby & I pulled up to the dealership, we saw the car being moved ready for us to test drive. We met Kelly and Tripp, and immediately felt like this place was the place all dealerships should strive to be like. No pressure, true honest excitement about the cars, and knowledge like each car was their baby. They knew everything about each car on their lot, and were very considerate and well-mannered, professional, and personable. I even would go as far to say we'd meet them for drinks to celebrate. They're "those kind of people" you dream about and say "if only" when buying a car. I've been yelled at before with my mom (a sweet, old grandma) when looking for a car for her once (a Toyota) as we weren't ready to make a deal. Who does that? That's just awful. I don't know if Porshe trains or places high value on their people, but these guys were like la creme de la creme. Interestingly enough, my hubby and son are complete car nuts, and for fun sometimes, they would "cruise" Stevens Creek (the car strip near us) to "look at cars" and dream. :) They always said the Porshe Dealership was ALWAYS hands down, the nicest! And that's even when our son was a toddler. They would always chat with them, and encourage our son "to work hard, build the dream" and that they'd see him after college when he's earned a living. Pretty cool. Now, back to Monterey Porshe. Kelly and Tripp. We connected with them so well, it felt like a seamless, no-brainer transaction. They had a gem of a used car, and we were looking everywhere, and there she was. My hubby asked if we could look under the car, and there we were, in the auto shop checking her out. Everyone there was outstanding. Kind, professional, well-mannered, and chill. The perfect experience. Maybe Porshe should hold trainings for Execs and Corporations on the art of people. Their cars are amazing, and even though we bought a 13 year old used BMW, it was out of a dream. Mint/Cherry condition, immaculate. My husband's eyes lit up once he was behind the wheel. He knew this was it. We hold a great deal of respect for Porshe Monterey, and it's due to Kelly and Tripp. Thank you so much. A HUGE weight was lifted off our chest, as buying a used car can be super stressful. We'll be telling everyone we know, it's worth the drive, and go for the day and check them out, enjoy the coast, and live the dream. That place is awesome! Thank you whole-heartedly Porshe of Monterey, and especially to Tripp and Kelly! High marks all-around! A+++! They are worth the drive anytime (we live in the south bay area, Saratoga/Los Gatos).

James Barath, Ph.D. | CA | 2017-12-22

Service is always first rate. Clearly a pleasure to visit a professionally run organization. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone who values their investment. Jim Barath, Ph.D.

Loves Porsche Monterey | CA | 2017-12-06

This is my second Porsche from John and both purchase experiences have been exceptional. The first was a custom order and this was from the current inventory. I highly recommend John and Porsche Monterey.

C.I. | CA | 2017-11-04


We bought our new   2017 Cayenne S this last August. The car is fantastic and after months of   trying to decide what to replace our 15 BMW X5 with, we are really happy we   chose the Cayenne. Living in San Luis Obispo is 2 hrs south to Santa Barbara   Porsche or 2 hours North to Porsche of Monterey. We had been to the Santa Barbara   dealership being they also are Land Rover and Audi dealers which were other   brands we were considering. They had a very fancy building. We are so happy   that we found Porsche of Monterey! They are nestled in a really cool area  north of downtown Monterey called Seaside. Not only does this area have every   dealership imaginable but the area is also surrounded by an intermixed with   specialty custom car shops in a quintessential old school California beach   town. It's like Redondo/ Manhattan Beach circa 1970's 80's. What I noticed  first about Porsche of Monterey is the number of cars they had, which wasn't   true of the other lots I had visited. They have done something interesting  which is along with their allocation of the latest and greatest they also carry   a large selection of CPO (certified pre-owned) Porsche, as well as other   exotic super cars. Mixed in is also a hand full of extremely good examples of   vintage Porsche displayed excellently on the showroom floor and priced quite   reasonably. Enough of the boring fluff of the everyday transaction. What I'd   like to highlight is what makes any business great and worthy of 5 stars,   it's how they not just treat a customer in the romance stage of the deal but   how one handles themselves after the deal and especially after a deal that   doesn't go as smoothly as anyone world like on either end. This was the case  with our transaction. Our transaction had some hiccups to say the least, more   like a series of follies that brought frustrations high and tested patients   for us and the team at Porsch e of Monterey. These weren't the trivial things   like " my service took a day longer than I thought " or " I can't believe they didn't have the part I needed in stock" that are  uncontrolled inconveniences, but more of problems that deteriorated the gaps   between value to us, sale price and cost to dealer and the nuts and bolts of   business, the sale. There's no need to go into details other than my wife and  I were faced with a huge inconvenience traveling from out of town, and Porsche   of Monterey was also at a loss having to come out of their profits having to  cover the discovery of damages not found during PDI ( post delivery  inspection) and then while sorting that out the discovery of lot damage. like   I said it was a series of follies causing my wife and I the inconvenience of   a return trip and costs like fuel, food and hotel not to mention time which is of higher value than than rest and I assume any profit Porsche of Monterey had to m ake in the car. This is where the true test of a solid 5 star review   comes from. Porsche of Monterey earns 5 stars not for making us happy with the usual easy smooth transaction of a car that of coarse is above all   others, that's to easy and what any dealership can do. They earn 5 stars for   digging deep and being professional when it wasn't easy. Being kind and  courteous, filling out tank and detailing our car. In my opinion true grit  when and where it counts when things are tough. I recommend to anyone in the   market for a Porsche to seek out Ray in sales and feel confident his managers  Tripp and Aaron will give him the latitude he needs to make the experience   great. It's not normal to have to be in service so soon but being that for us   this was the case they made an exception to make it as painless as possible   and had a service tech come in on Saturday. Being a quite day I got to look   over the techs shoulder a little. Alonso was not only super friendly but hi s   knowledge of the car and it's systems was amazing. He could tell I was  curious so while working explained what he was doing and why without missing  a beat. It was impressive to watch someone so comfortable with such complex  machinery.

Happy Guy | CA | 2017-10-31

Very helpful!

Best Car Buying Experience Ever! | CA | 2017-10-18

I have dreaded buying a car as much as going to the dentist but thanks to John Bassett, it's now something I look forward to doing again! 

Ron Santa Cruz | CA | 2017-10-13

Paul,Jakob and the whole Service team are very attentive and professional.

Redwood Ed | CA | 2017-10-04

Since I purchased my 991-series, Porsche 911 Turbo S, from John Bassett, recently new GM, Aaron Zelinski, has pulled together a great staff. Aaron arrived with a strong base to his staff, but there were some gaping holes to fill. John & Ray in sales, Nick in parts, Crown Prince, Paul, in the shop, and all of the support staff are an awesome group; and the face of the franchise - service - is now properly maned by two seemingly very competent and professional young men, Jakob Hendrix & Bill Robertson. To me, Porsche of Monterey is now a 'top-level shop', and it's an enjoyable place to visit, whether it be for sales, parts, service, or just for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Porsche Addict | CA | 2017-09-29

We ordered a new 2018 Porsche Macan from John Bassett at Porsche of Monterey.  John far exceeded our expectations (as seems to be the sentiment with all of his clients here).
John kept us appraised as to the entire ordering process and how far along the Macan was in all stages of the factory.  The Macan showed up just as promised and is even nicer than we expected.  We ended up paying much more than we had anticipated in our initial search of a vehicle, however, as they say..."Porsche, there is no substitute!"
Thank you again, John, for ALL your assistance.

Porsche Lover | CA | 2017-09-20

My wife and I enjoyed very much doing business in Monterey with John and Porsche of Monterey. I was in the car business for some 35 years owning dealerships for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Bentley and Rolls-Royce motorcars. I know from experience that Porsche makes the very best quality cars  available in the marketplace and POM and John more then do the car justice! You will not go wrong in Monterey at POM. Oh and we bought TWO cars there in a few months time just to confirm our full satisfaction with John. Yours, T&M

Aptos guy | CA | 2017-09-14

John worked with  me for months to find the right 911 that fit my budget & quirky specs that I wanted. Most important.... John LISTENED  to want I wanted... not just a "typical" car sales person!!

Cameron Boyle | UT | 2017-09-06

I live in Provo Utah and have been looking for a 2016 Turbo S for a while. I actually bought one from Porsche West Boward in Florida. Well, I thought I bought one. The day after I sent Boward a copy of my license, insurance, address and all of that I got a text saying they were sorry they sold my car to a walk-in instead. I was pretty frustrated and almost quit looking for out-of-state cars. The next day I got a follow up email from John. I responded with details on my 2011 Turbo S that I wanted to trade. John replied in less than 10 minutes with a trade price. That got my attention, most other dealers replied in days (if at all) and would ask for information I'd already provided. I was impressed that John paid attention and seemed to genuinely want my business. From there on the transaction went quickly and smoothly. Except for 1 phone call the entire transaction was done through email (my preferred method of contact). I could not be happier with my low mileage certified car and the prompt and competent attention from John. My faith in the out-of-state transaction is renewed and I will definitely be buying more Porsche's from John.

Mongo1 | CA | 2017-08-22

It was a good experience, quick and efficient. Kelly, Ray and Gary were personable and professional. Gary moved through the paperwork (almost like closing a mortgage) very quickly while still explaining what each document was about. I will recommend Porsche Monterey to my friends and clients.

Jayne | CA | 2017-08-08

Both Gary and Ray were very professional and kind to us. We had made a long trip to purchase the vehicle and they were very welcoming. They conducted the agreement in a timely manner, gave us a map and recommended dinner places. We were very very happy with the dealership.

Love Porsche of Monterey | CA | 2017-07-25

John Bassett was awesome with dealing with my new car transaction. Great personality and delivered great customer service. Explained in details of all the car controls and the usage of them. Porche of Monterey is fortunate to have an employee who serves as asset. Thank you John.

Online purchase | CA | 2017-07-10

Great service and excellent communication during purchase of the Macan Porsche. Aaron, John Bassett and Glen were very professional and very courteous to me.

Mr. Lent | CA | 2017-07-07

Great buying experience"     - Mr.Lent

I special ordered a 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman.  John Bassett guided me through the entire process.  What I like most about working with John are his patience with all my questions as I obsessed over what features to have installed.  I never felt pressured when working with John either.  When my car arrived, he gave me a great tour of the vehicle and was very welcoming to my wife and mother-in-law that came along to see the beauty I was going to drive home in that day.  Given the opportunity, I will work with John to purchase another car.

Duy | CA | 2017-07-05

 Purchasing a new car"     - Duy

Porsche of monterey is a great dealership. Gary and Kelly were really helpful on the purchase of my new panamera. I would love to refer this dealership anyone who has an interest in buying a new porsche.

Fabrice Di Meglio | CA | 2017-06-14

Great buying experience. Thank you Aaron, Ray and Gary. You just rock !!

Cargurus review | CA | 2017-06-08

Best car buying experience ...especially Kelly and Gary were so helpful.
I would definitely recommend this dealership!!!

Dan Kyle | CA | 2017-05-22

I have had Paul do a number of tire changes,  What I do not want is the rims to be damaged,  What I do want is proper balance. I have my own tire balancer, I used to check Paul's work on my own balancer, no need after I checked the first few, he is spot on every time.  He is the first one of many tire changing shops, do take the time and care or perhaps have the ability to get the tire well balanced.  Paul has also done suspension work and engine work to another car, never a problem. Nice to know you can depend on someones work.  Thanks Paul.

RHMacan | CA | 2017-05-31

I had been looking for a new Macan and was speaking to a friend who owned as few Porsche's, and was referred to John Bassett at Porsche of Monterey. I now see why. John was an absolute breathe of fresh air as the entire process from start to finish could not have been easier! John is also as passionate about the brand as one could expect. Thank you again John and I will be back for the 911 Turbo S that we spoke day.

RHMacan | CA | 2017-05-12

John Bassett was Fantastic!!"    

I had been looking for a new Macan and was speaking to a friend who owned as few Porsche's, and was referred to John Bassett at Porsche of Monterey. I now see why. John was an absolute breathe of fresh air as the entire process from start to finish could not have been easier! John is also as passionate about the brand as one could expect. Thank you again John and I will be back for the 911 Turbo S that we spoke day.

Oldguitars | CA | 2017-05-11

Great service department, John Fritz is the best"    

John got me in quickly, the car was clean and service done well.  Everyone is great to work, great to have Porsche in Monterey.   Thanks very much.

SiliconValley 991 | CA | 2017-05-07


My new Porsche 991!!"     - SiliconValley991

I have always dreamed of owning a new Porsche 911. I have done months of searching and homework as to the best level in the 911 lineup and decided on a new 991 that happened to be on the showroom at Porsche of Monterey. After contacting John Bassett at Porsche of Monterey initially about this car, I immediately knew John was the person I was going work with. John is as knowledgeable as they come! John also spent hours with me answering questions to confirm my decision and even answered my calls after closing hours. I can not say enough good things about my purchase experience and will be sure to send as many referrals as possible to John.

Edmunds Review | CA | 2017-05-04

Gary and Guy went above and beyond helping my wife and get our dream car on a weekend late at night, even when their wives were telling them to come home! The experience was fantastic from beginning to end and will lead to return business with Porsche of Monterey.

Super Service! | CA | 2017-05-02

recall campaign that required overnight service. reps provided excellent service, cordial interactions, and provided details of the service. received a loaner car, which made the service experience simple and smooth for me.

Michael from Monterey, CA | CA | 2017-04-26

John Bassett helped make my purchase experience very gratifying both by working with me on the price as well as helping move the delivery date forward so that I could collect the car before leaving on a three week trip. I highly recommend John!  He is great to work with.       ~  Michael, Monterey, CA


ndnbill | CA | 2017-04-25

John met me at door and handled everything professionally.  He fixed the mistakes in my file from a past service, showed me around the dealership and answered all my questions.  Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and went out of their way to help.  The work was done more quickly than expected and I got to see the new Panamera.  All in all, a good time well spent.


911GTS | CA | 2017-04-24

Jakob is a new employee, but he was very good and responsive to my request for timing I also found the cost to be reasonable.

RnR | CA | 2017-04-11

We arrived as the dealership opened and were greeted as old friends reuniting. The car we were interested in was already out and ready for a test drive. The car was as advertised but the service closed the deal.

Dandy Don | CA | 2017-04-07

My car buying experience was everything you need and nothing you don't. John knows the products he sells and he deals with his customers in a very relaxed and informative way. I joked that I was ready to buy a second Cayenne but was a little short on cash. It was the kind of car buying experience you want but don't always get. Thanks John. I would recommend you to anyone who has ears.

Ramona K. | CA | 2017-03-25

One of my best car buying experiences. The car we saw online was waiting for us when we arrived. Once the decision was made we helped ourselves to lattes, listened to music and read magazines while all the paperwork was prepared,no stuffy office!  We then signed all the paperwork and our car was gassed up and ready for us. Super friendly staff.  We couldn't be happier.

CarGurus Review | CA | 2017-03-17

Had a great experience and the people were
great! Would definitely buy there again!

Exceeded Expectations | CA | 2017-03-10

I went in to try to Porsche of Monterey just to extend the warranty on my 2012 C2S Cabriolet.  Unfortunately, there was no program available from Porsche to extend on a CPO vehicle; so Ray Ramsey told me the solution was simple:  buy a new one!  I said that was a possibility, and expressed interest in the new 718S Caymans and Boxsters, so Ray allowed me to go look at the inventory.  I very much appreciated that there was no pressure, no hovering and a very relaxed approach.  Ray also pointed out a 2016 Cayman GTS, one of the last of it's type (naturally aspirated) with 800 miles and a CPO vehicle, on the showroom floor.  I looked at all of them, and told Ray I would have to come back with my lovely wife to look again, and to drive the picks of the litter.  When we went back the next day, Ray wasn't there, so we worked with John Bassett, an enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable salesman.  Again, no push or pressure, except to drive and experience the cars.  The Cayman GTS was the one that struck our fancy, partially because it was so unique...but it was buried in the showroom behind about 5 other cars.  No problem!  In a few minutes, they moved them all, and let the two of us take a drive in the GTS.  What a phenomenal car!  The best driving experience I've ever had; and all thanks to John, who has racing experience and also knew Melody's uncle Olaf Andersson, a racer at Laguna Seca, 50 year resident of Monterey, and former owner of Scandia Volvo dealership.
They gave us a great deal, and we bought the car on the spot.  It's the first car that I've purchased with never a moment of buyer's remorse.  We both love it; and our hats off to Ray, John and Aaron for actually making it a fun experience, and reducing the process pain as much as possible.
Great dealership to buy and service your Porsche.  Tom  p.s. never thought I'd own a GTS...a truly amazing beast of a car!  So much fun!

Samy | CA | 2017-03-07

"Above expectations" - Samy
  I was driving by and decided to stop in. Found the right car at the right price. A transparent, professional experience that exceed my expectations. Excellent service at Porsche of Monterey - and from John Bassett in particular. Highly recommended.

Got what I wanted | CA | 2017-03-01

John Bassett is patient and helpful.  Zero pressure while shopping and helped me get what I wanted.

Great service | CA | 2017-02-22

John Fritz, my service advisor, had great follow up.  He returned all my calls and also followed up with the body shop and had the vehicle delivered there for next part of work needed.

Fantastic Experience | GA | 2017-02-08

Fantastic Experience...Would do it again"   

I live in Atlanta and Porsche of Monterey is 2,000+ miles away.  Talked with John Bassett many times in the course of making a decision to buy my 2014 Panamera S sight unseen    John was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly professional all they way thru the process.   The car arrived 2 weeks ago and it is perfect as John described.    I've bought 40+ cars and this was absolutely the best car buying experience I've ever had.

Porsche993 | CA | 2017-01-20

I bought my 2013 Cayenne from Porsche of Monterey (John Bassett) and had an excellent experience.  John was extremely knowledgable about the Porsche brand and and had a very detailed understanding of the car I was purchasing.  I never felt rushed or pressured.  The process was very straightforward.  I would highly recommend Mr Bassett and Porsche of Monterey to anyone looking to purchase a new or pre-owned Porsche.

Likes the new | CA | 2017-01-12

New Faces. The GM,  I would give  two thumbs up. I can't say enough  positive things  about Bart Maas, if you're buying a car he's your guy.   He actually listens to what you're saying, hears what you are looking for  in a car, extremely knowledgeable,  Highly recommend!

My 2nd 911 | CA | 2016-12-28

I have purchased two 911's from John Bassett and he is the consummate professional who takes great pride in his job. I would highly recommend John to others looking for a new or pre owned Porsche and already have. Thank you once again John for all of help, and making the process so easy.

Love my Macan | CA | 2016-12-23

I recently purchased a new 2017 Macan S from John and Ray Ramsey and I couldn't be happier.  This was my first Porsche and with lots of help from John's team, I placed my custom order through Porsche's website and waited for its arrival.  It was a long wait, but I enjoyed ordering a car built to my own specifications.  My purchasing experience with John and Ray was outstanding and I really enjoyed the in-depth instruction John provided when I picked-up my car. His technical knowledge was impressive and I really appreciated that everyone worked to get me out the door in a timely manner. In particular, I appreciated that one of the service technicians stayed late to make sure that my Porsche Connect was activated and running properly.  I love that I purchased this car from my local dealer and I know it will make life much easier when I have questions, or need service.

GT4 Owner | CA | 2016-12-15

Brought my GT4 in for the 1000mi oil change recommended by many enthusiasts and owners of Porsche's GT cars.  Customer Service was excellent and the service was completed in a timely manner. They were also able to resolve an issue with a rubbing sound during extreme turns on the front driver side tire and explained the root cause of the issue and fix in detail.

Great Team! | CA | 2016-12-06

My husband and I made a purchased at the Monterey Porsche and Honestly I had the best experience ever. The staff was very polite and friendly. I have visit many car dealers before and nothing compares to the service my husband and I received by Mr. Ramsey, Mr.Sanford and Mr. Davis. We were greeted by Ray Ramsey and he was very nice and very helpful. I definitely recommend their services and we are looking forward to make business with them again.







Great Experience | CA | 2016-11-21

I purchased a CPO 911 Carrera from John, and the experience could not have been better.  John was extremely responsive, and the car was front and center when I arrived at the dealership.  John is very knowledgeable, and I appreciated his thoroughness, professionalism and candor.  After I completed the purchase, he took the time to help me understand how to use the various features of the car, and even synced my phone.  I can't say enough good things.

love my 981 | CA | 2016-11-04

The dealership treats me as a true valued customer. I am left feeling like no one else is valued more then myself. I have seen this with everyone that comes in. With the exelense of the service provided you can understand why 75 percent of all Porsche are still on the road.







Love boxsters | CA | 2016-11-07

Porsche of Monterey sits with you until everyone knows what is needed. Then the work is done with no misunderstanding, and if anything unusual is seen it is pointed out for consideration. This is why I think Porsche of Monterey is the best.







Pompomsita | CA | 2016-10-31

Excellent service! Mr. John Fritz is very knowledgeable and honest with the customers. He recommended what should be fixed. Thank you very much.

Star Service | CA | 2016-09-06

John Fritz and Paul Saavedra treat me like family every time I service my car. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Sales Delivers! | CA | 2016-08-25

The most important thing John showed me was what my car could really do...performance wise.  He knows how to drive a high performance vehicle safely but to its strengths--even though I didn't at the time.  That's so important when buying this caliber of car!  He made the experience fun from test drive to signing.  I never felt pressured, but always had enough information to make an informed choice.  John is the guy you WANT to work with when going about buying your dream Porsche!!

Thanks John Bassett | CA | 2016-08-17

Been to a couple of Porsche dealers and spoke to a couple of sales guys, John Bassett and Porsche of Monterey was by far the best.  Our purchase was easy and straight forward; purchasing a car with a 1.5 year old is not easy. Review | CA | 2016-08-17

Very happy and satisfied with the customer service we received at this dealership. We will definitely be back in the future.

Great Sales Staff | CA | 2016-07-05

I really had a great experience. Every salesman in this dealership are very professional and friendly. Always willing to assist in every aspect of car buying. Kudos to all Monterey Porsche staff.

Completely Satisfied with Service | CA | 2016-07-06

John Fritz and the entire team are Rock Stars!  Incredible service... beyond the call of duty.  Even the shuttle driver's are top notch.  Never a glitch.

Jim D | CA | 2016-06-22

I just recently purchased a 2014 Cayman S from Porsche of Monterey and it was by far the best car buying experience that I have ever had. John Bassett and Richard Schutt made the purchase as easy as possible getting us through the paperwork as quickly as possible even though they had to work late to get the deal done. John really knows the product well and he was able to walk us through all the functions on the car. About one month after I purchased the car I had the service department install the factory sport exhaust system on the car. John Fritz and Bob Pelletier are both outstanding professionals with some of the best technicians in the business. Paul Saavedra is extremely knowledgeable about all things Porsche and he took the time to explain the complexities of the install and how the new exhaust system would interact with other systems on the car. Jeremiah Low also took the time to explain the new IPD intake system that he was installing on another customer's car after I told him I was interested in the system. Paul even went the extra mile and work through his lunch hour to get my car completed because he knew that I was waiting at the dealership until the car was finished. The service team at Porsche of Monterey is by far the best service department that I have ever experienced. Nick Newton in the parts department made some recommendations that really enhanced the appearance of the car without breaking the bank! Porsche of Monterey is a fantastic dealership and service center deserving of the highest praise. If you are thinking of buying a new or used Porsche or just looking for the best place to get your current Porsche serviced I highly recommend Porsche of Monterey; you will not be disappointed.

Porsche of Monterey Experience | CA | 2016-02-07

Porsche of Monterey is the best dealership experience I've had. They are tremendously efficient and prepared: when I picked up my new car, they had me in and out in half an hour including signing all the paperwork! That's at least two hours less time than any other car dealership I've ever dealt with!

John Bassett and Peter Savale are both terrific and straightforward salesman. They treat the customer with candor and respect. (Also, Nicholas and Paulino and the guys in the service department are top-notch. They've been looking after a few older Porsches for me for a few years now, and boy do they know their stuff!)

Terrific dealership and service center; I can't recommend them highly enough.

Traveled from Seattle | WA | 2016-03-04

Richard Schutt and John Bassett are a pleasure to work with, straight shooters who understand the enthusiast.  Traveled to get the right car at the right price: these guys made it easy.

Denver Customer | CO | 2016-03-18

Car was in and out for a PPI - did 10k service as well before I purchased it and took the car for a 1500 mile road trip. They scanned all documents to me, as I live in Denver and I was ecstatic when I picked up the car 2 days later. Thank You!

Dealer Rater Review | CA | 2016-04-11

John Fritz was extremely professional from the time we talked to setup the service appointment all the way to delivery. This was my first visit to this Porsche dealer and was very positive experience.

Annis L. | CA | 2016-05-17

The very best well run business I've ever encountered! Service department incrediblely knowledgeable, friendly and work hard to service your car no matter what the problem!People in the sales business should take some lessons from Porsche sales people who are terrific ,no pressure,have much patience and are happy to help you! Walking into the Porsche  Company you are immediately comfortable and sense a very friendly atmosphere headed by management who insist on a easy environment with no problems. Am very fond of everyone and love all the cars and the treatment I always get when I go there!

Happy Customer | CA | 2016-05-25

As a current owner of five very special 911s, I was interested in acquiring a new Cayman GT4.   After the game playing with a few local L.A. dealers, I was referred to Porsche of Monterey.   I was ultimately able to get an allocation and ordered it through the team at Porsche of Monterey.

John is a fellow Porsche enthusiast and knows the product inside and out.  He truly enjoys what he does!  He kept me updated during the process from start to finish.  His manager, Jim Davis, made himself available when John was out.  Although it was not his sale, Ray Ramsey would also contact me if he heard any sort of update with my order. 

My interaction with this store was excellent and there were no surprises whatsoever once the car arrived.  Straight forward process.  I already have another car on order with Porsche of Monterey as they make the buying experience very special. 

I've also referred a close friend who purchased a vehicle with John and even though it was a 300 mile trip each way, I drove my friend and his wife to pick up their beautiful Macan Turbo once it arrived.  John and the entire staff treated them like family!

SC831 | CA | 2016-05-27

Exceptional service I came in without an appointment due to a tire problem. Bob fit me in to the schedule and not only took care of the tire problem but was also able to do the 10K service and they washed my car.

Terri S. | CA | 2016-05-31

If you are passionate about Porsche and the vehicle you drive or if you are looking to place yourself behind the wheel for the very first time,  look to Porsche of Monterey and John Bassett along with their whole team.   I want to share with you how good it feels to receive the absolute ultimate buying experience.!   You will find the people at Porsche of Monterey  are first class on all levels.  I have many times asked myself why do I give my business to people who really haven't earned my trust?   We DO have a choice.  Porsche of Monterey has earned and wins my business!

It was refreshing to receive help with my decision as to purchase vs lease from John Bassett,  he truly listens and understands your  desire to do the right thing based on the customer's needs.   John is extremely knowledgable of the different programs Porsche offers.  He believes there is a fit for everyone, it takes focus and hard work to put the right vehicle with the right customer.  John took the time to educate me, so in confidence  I knew I was doing the right thing.   It's important to feel YOU made this decision and it wasn't a salesperson's idea.  John's approach leaves you yearning to gain more knowledge and learn all you can about your new Porsche.  John takes any stress out of the equation, he truly doesn't believe stress should ever be a factor, in any arena.   John takes on a consulting and educating approach from where the customer is and not from just another sale.  I have been fortunate enough to have had Porsche be a part of my life for many years now.  It actually started here on the Monterey Peninsula over 25 years ago.   I have done business with Porsche dealerships up and down the coast of California,  and into Arizona.  I  have owned two 911's and now 3 Cayennes.  As you read the following I hope you take into consideration I am writing this based on my real experience and in complete honesty.    I share with you because I truly want to pass on this valuable information.  Making your experience as awesome as mine!   Porsche of Monterey is NOT the ordinary dealership.  This team of individuals absolutely deserves our recognition and all of our business!  

It started with John Fritz,  the Service Advisor.  John helped me with my 911 and a fuel injection malfunction. My 2009 Cabriolet had just reached 53k miles.  My warranty was up at 50k however,  John went into action and reached to the Porsche factory for a solution.  Sure enough the next call I received was John explaining the support I was receiving from Porsche Factory.  I've always serviced my vehicles only at Porsche  and kept all my records.   John was able to show Porsche the value in my business and they looked at me as a real person and not just a number on paper.

In the short time it took to repair the 911,  my curiosity took me back to a Cayenne again. I have always loved this vehicle and they placed me in one until my 911 was finished.  Well, the rest is history, as I live in Marin and traveled the track back and forth I began to fall in love again. 

John Bassett was incredibly personable and really cared about making sure my transition from my 911 and into an outstanding lease program was good and a solid decision.  I   literally drove to the dealership and just like clockwork Richard Schutt had already done my paperwork so I could ease through the signing for my new 2016 Cayenne!   

Buying or leasing we realize this is our 2nd largest purchade we will make in our life.   Isn't it assuring you CAN have the ultimate driving machine and receive 1st class service.  All in the name of Porsche of Monterey!

Terri Sharpe Tiburon, CA

Facebook Review | CA | 2016-06-14

Very hospitable & helpful! Extremely nice & professional!

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